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What Are Nangs?

If you love the sweet taste of fluffy whipped cream, then you have to know what a nang is all about.

Nangs are essentially small metal cylindrical bulbs that are filled with a nitrous oxide gas. They’re most commonly used in whipped cream siphons with about 8 grams of that gas sealed in that metal cap. Although nangs can be inhaled for a euphoric effect, they’re mostly used by top chefs and home chefs alike to “charge” their creams for meal preparation. As you might be able to see, nangs can be used dangerously if their purpose isn’t followed. That’s why it’s mostly illegal for any minors to purchase nangs.

However, when it comes to the nitrous oxide itself, it does have a lot of benefits beyond whipped cream. It’s essentially a colorless gas that can aid in pain relief and drowsiness. That makes it no doubt an essential part of the procedure that most doctors go through when sedating their patients for medical operations. It also has uses in the automobile world, where it can increase the engine performance in your cars. However, a lot of people dangerously misuse it as a recreational drug. That’s because it can produce a dissociative or out of body experience where you almost feel like you’re floating. If nangs are constantly used in this way, then it can no doubt lead to some ever-lasting addictions.

In the context of what Mr. Nang provides, the nitrous gas makes for the perfect cream charger with antibacterial properties that keep the cream deliciously fresh for a long time. As opposed to mechanical whipping, the nitrous oxide gas makes for the best culinary additive to make the best whipped cream you’ve ever tasted. A lot of the best chefs in the world store nangs in their kitchens to craft exquisite desserts for their clientele.

Now that you briefly know what nangs are all about, let’s take a closer look at some of the ways they can be most helpful.

Nangs Throughout History

Did you know that in the early 1800s, the nitrous oxide from nangs was already being used for laughter gas parties? That’s right — the wealthiest of the British nobles were inhaling this euphoric gas for recreational use, long before it was ever used to make fresh whipped cream. It grew in popularity for this purpose throughout the late 1880s before it began to be applied to some of the other uses mentioned above.

In Australia and Melbourne, nangs became popularized for their ability to make certain substances frothy and long-lasting, like whipped cream. It’s one of the safest purposes that nangs can be used for, and no doubt the sweetest purpose. If you’re a cook, an event planner, or someone who loves to eat whipped cream on its own, you may be curious about how a nang can benefit you. Let’s take a deep dive into the way that nangs can benefit your culinary drive.

What Do Nangs Do?

In the context of what Mr. Nang provides, our nangs are essentially nitrous oxide cream chargers. In other words, they’re steel cylinders that can produce whipped cream for you with the help of the nitrous oxide gas. In Australia, they’re found all over in the country’s most popular cafes, coffee shops, bars, pubs, and restaurants. One of the reasons why they’re so commonly found is because they can be ordered online and delivered in an instant — even after business hours. Another benefit is that they can last very long. The container itself is often nickel or zinc plated, which means that the steel is durable and rust-proof against accumulated kitchen moisture. The metal bulb of that container will usually house around 8 grams of nitrous oxide, which is often the standard for most nang brands. As soon as you purchase a few nang packs, you’ll no doubt become addicted to the whipped cream. Perhaps you’ll eat so much that the excess sugar and fat might make its way over to your body! Naturally, you’ll begin to wonder — is whipped cream even a healthy food to eat?

Well, as you might know, everything is pretty much safe in small doses. That same logic applies to whipped cream. Now, don’t let its sweet and fluffy nature fool you. It’s still a food that is high in fat content and in calorie level. If you eat too much of it, that can produce some health or weight consequences down the line. However, you probably want to prefer whipped cream over unwhipped cream whenever possible. That’s because the whipped version lowers the overall density of the cream, which can assist in portion control. The nitrous oxide in the nang can increase the cream’s volume by up to four times its overall weight. In comparison to regular hand whipping, that tedious action can only increase the volume of the cream by about two to three times. If portion control is what you desire, then nangs are the way to go.

Are Nangs Bad for You?

To put it shortly, no. That’s why nangs aren’t currently illegal. However, they’re not allowed to be purchased by minors because they have properties that could potentially be abused. After all, we’ve talked about some of the ways it could be used as a recreational drug. Even though that brief twenty second high can produce a lot of exhilaration, it can also lead to stronger effects such as disorientation, alienation, and temporary loss of motor control. Without the right people on hand to help you out in those risky situations, you could end up doing things that you wouldn’t be proud of doing later down the road.

Beyond the euphoric feelings it can produce, the long-time usage of nitrous oxide is also linked to a vitamin B12 deficiency. That vitamin is a necessary vitamin that the human body needs to maintain a healthy red blood cell level count. If it’s lower than normal amounts, that can quickly lead to some health issues such as anemia, neuropathy, and tinnitus.

Believe it or not, but the nitrous oxide gas from nangs can also be extremely cold when inhaled from the bulbs. It can end up being so cold that it causes frostbite to the nose, lips, and even throat. That’s why without knowing the full risk of nangs, people end up causing a lot of harm to themselves and others.

So, at the end of the day, it’s important to use nangs responsibly and only for the purpose that they’re meant to be used. Here at Mr. Nang, we believe that nangs are best used for that tasty, whipped cream. We think you’ll agree with us as well. If you’re eager to try out some of the best nang brands in Melbourne, then don’t hesitate to order from us. We pride ourselves on being the most trusted nang supplier in the city, with ultra-fast delivery times. As soon as you place your order, you can expect your nangs to arrive within twenty short minutes at your doorstep. We won’t sacrifice any quality or dedication in making sure that your whipped cream experience is the best you’ve ever had to date.

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