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Some Creative and Fun Ways of Using Whipped Cream Nangs

You pick up your whipped cream nang and discover it is empty. You shake it but that won’t do any good and it’s still empty. Why does the fun run out so quickly when using them? Sure, you have the convenient whip cream chargers delivery thanks to Mr Nang but is there more to be gotten out of whip cream cylinders? As it turns out, there is!

Whipped cream nangs are in essence sturdy metal cartridges that, once empty, become a wonderful canvas for you to practice your art on. Fret not, even if you’ve never done art or painting or anything creative in your life there’s still hope because nangs have a way of inspiring creativity in the strangest of ways, all of which are perfectly legal and culinary in nature.

Why Use Nangs Cream Chargers for Art?

There are three reasons nangs cream chargers are great for art — they are handy, sturdy, and plentiful. That means you can let yourself make a mistake while painting on them and they will be a lasting testament to your creative efforts and improvement.

There are certain moments in life when your creativity awakens for no apparent reason and looks for a way to express itself. If you don’t act on it right then and there, it will fade away and perhaps never again appear. You probably won’t have a canvas and a painter’s palette handy but there is one thing you probably will — an empty cream charger cylinder.

Bonus: How to Use a Whip It Canister for Juggling

Juggling is a cool party trick that feels like a superpower to those who can’t do it. We assure you that juggling is not a superpower and is achievable even if you have the hand-eye coordination of a distressed koala in heat. The secret to juggling is to start with small steps and move to the next one only when you feel confident enough.

First, you need to learn how the whip cream cylinder rotates. Spend some time flipping it and catching it with one hand until you get a feeling for its weight and balance and can grab it in the same place every time.

Second, try to do it with two cylinders, one in each hand and then two cylinders in the same hand. Practice flipping and catching them with the same and the other hand.

Third, do it with two cylinders and keep trying until you find your rhythm.

If you feel stuck, look for a bottle juggling tutorial because bottles are the closest representation of cream charger cylinders when it comes to juggling. Don’t give up and you will eventually learn how to use a whip it canister for juggling.

Mr Nang Whip Cream Chargers Delivery is at Your Service

We are proud to be available for your culinary and now even artistic needs. Stay tuned as we expect our portfolio of products and services to keep expanding in the future thanks to your support. In the meantime, whenever you feel you need an outlet for culinary or artistic creativity, get in touch and we will proudly deliver.

Please keep a few important points in mind:

Metal is recyclable and it would be advisable to recycle empty cream chargers whenever possible and in accordance with Australia’s National Waste Policy to save resources and preserve the environment. In case the whip cream charger is made out of steel, it is particularly valuable in recycling because it has the durability to survive the recycling process without losing structural integrity.

Please be advised that our products are intended for baking use only while full and that any use as a painting surface or a juggling implement when full or empty is your personal and artistic choice. We are not responsible for the final outcome of your art or the juggling embarrassment you may experience.

In addition, N2O in cream chargers may have detrimental effects on human and animal health and the cream charger canisters should be used with care to avoid excessive inhalation. Our products should not be used for self-inflicted harm or harm and we prohibit sale to anyone for any form of recreational misuse.

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