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How to Prevent Teenagers From Being Exposed to Nangs

Did you know that teenagers are making use of Nangs Melbourne for more than just creating instant whipped cream? The product can be found everywhere and not most parents realize that this can be misused as well. Causing serious health problems.

When you are living in Australia, it isn’t illegal to come into contact with alcohol. Misusing it will lead to harming your body, and going for mandatory rehabilitation. However, no one will be in trouble with using nangs. And, this is where the danger starts. So, how do you prevent teenagers from being exposed to nangs and misusing nangs? We talked to professionals for more information and tips for parents.

Understanding Nangs and Nitrous Oxide

It’s important to understand everything around nangs to understand why this product can be dangerous if it’s misunderstood and misused. Nangs are canisters with nitrous oxide. These canisters are used to make whipped cream. It might not look dangerous, but this is where most parents are mistaken.

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas can be dangerous for everyone if it’s used wrong. Or, when teenagers start using it for recreational purposes. It might be hard to get their hands on alcohol, but not hard to get nangs filled with the gas. There are many ways that nitrous oxide is a colorless and tasteless gas, and is being used in many different ways:

1. This is a medical aesthetic for patients going for an operation. The amount of nitrous oxide used here is controlled by medical staff and is not dangerous at all.
2. You can use the nitrous oxide in canisters to make whipped cream or infuse flavor into anything delicious.
3. It is also used in some car engines as NOS. To increase power for racing cars.
4. Nangs are misused in recreational methods to get “high.”

Do teenagers use Nitrous oxide for recreational use? What are the dangers?

1. Yes, teenagers do use nitrous oxide for recreational purposes. And, this is because for many different reasons.
2. It is a lot easier to get their hands on Nitrous oxide than drugs and alcohol which will give the same “high” results.
3. You can buy it online at any online store, or you can walk into a supermarket and buy the canisters without a problem.
4. Cheaper than other drugs for recreational purposes. Most of the time parents think that their children can’t afford expensive drugs. However, with the nitrous oxide, it is affordable. Some are even cheap to purchase.

The moment that you understand all the dangers and health problems a teen can get from misusing nangs or nitrous oxide, parents will be more aware of what their teens have in their rooms. These are some of the common side effects of using nitrous oxide normally:

The gas is extremely cold

Did you know that nitrous gas is minus 40 degrees Celsius inside the canister? And, if the canisters are being used incorrectly, it can cause serious injury like frostbite. Not in your hand, but nose, lips, and even throat. Make playing with these canisters quite dangerous.

Can cause rupture in lung tissues when inhaled directly

Nangs Melbourne is highly compressed air, fitted into a small canister. When you inhale the gas directly, it can cause a rupture of your lung tissue. The results will end up with chronic lung problems. Most of us love playing with Nang canisters, but it isn’t recommended to inhale the gas.

There were reports of cheap nangs exploding when used incorrectly

There are even some reports of cheaper nangs that have exploded in the hands of people when using them incorrectly.

These are just some of the dangers reported about nitrous oxide being used incorrectly. Depending on the amount of gas a teenager inhales, the results can be devastating and life-threatening.

Dangers of using nangs for recreational purposes

You might have seen how people inhale nitrous oxide with balloons. It is fun and can change your voice completely. And, because many others are using the gas in different ways, you don’t realize the danger your child might be in. This is why everyone should know the dangers of using nangs or nitrous oxide for recreational purposes.

Short-term side effects of misusing nitrous oxide

There are many short-term side effects of using nitrous oxide as a recreational product. And, you will see that these side effects can be seriously dangerous.

1. It will give teens a short and rapid rush of euphoria, happiness, and excitement. According to teens, this is the most common reason why nitrous oxide is being misused.
2. Teens will think that they are floating. The mind is dissociation from the body.
3. Irrational thoughts, feelings, and perceptions can be experienced.
4. Serious injury because of high-pressure gas released in seconds. And, injury because of the dissociation of the body and the mind.

Long-term effects from nitrous oxide

If you think that when the effects end from using nitrous oxide, you won’t have other side effects, you are wrong. Some long-term side effects can be just as dangerous.

1. Teens will have a depletion of Vitamin B12 when using nitrous oxide. Even if they use the best Nang brand. This can cause brain and nerve damage that can’t be fixed.
2. Memory loss will get worse over time.
3. If used during pregnancy, you can give some birth defects to your unborn child.
4. You can become dependent on nangs, meaning that you become addicted to the gas.

When teenagers mix nitrous oxide with other recreational products Too many teens fall for peer pressure.

They start using nitrous oxide with other illegal recreational products and drugs. This will increase the way you will feel after using nangs, and have some other side effects everyone should know about. Other drugs like cannabis, ketamine, LSI, or salvia can increase the long-term side effects.

1. You will have an increase of damaging your heart beyond repair.
2. It can cause increased blood pressure and disrupt heart rates.
3. Overdose is always a possibility when it comes to using the gas and other drugs.

Tips for preventing teenagers from being exposed to nangs or Nitrous oxide

All these dangers don’t mean that you should not ever have canisters in your home for using your whipped cream maker. It just means that you need to store it in a safe location, away from children and teens. It is also a good idea to talk to your children about the dangers of Nang. Even if they think that this is just funny about how their friends are talking and behaving.

Teach your children the dangers of using drugs like nitrous oxide. You should also make sure that they know how dangerous the drugs are. It is also recommended that you should sit or lie down after using the gas. There are many reports of people dying when using their vehicle while on the Nang recreational products.


The use of nangs is a great tool for making whipped cream in no time. But if it falls into the wrong hands, it can cause serious side effects and injury. Nangs are for food preparations only, and not for recreational use. The best way to ensure that teens are prevented from using nangs for recreational purposes is to talk to them. Let them know that they can get addicted to the gas, even from the best Nang brand. This isn’t a product that you can just have fun with. It is also recommended to store the canisters out of reach of children and teens.

You can use it as many times as you like to make whipped cream. Enjoying the deliciousness that the nitrous oxide gives the cream. But, don’t use the canisters in any other way, it can be dangerous.

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