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Things You Should Know About Nangs in Melbourne:How to Use them & Where to Buy

Whenever you’re at home or at an event, it never hurts to have a sweet treat to pass the time by. One of the best sweet treats that you can get is whipped cream.  After all, its fluffy texture and light taste is no doubt an entertaining experience to have. However, not all whipped cream has the same high quality, just like how not all products are built in the same way.

To ensure that you’re getting the best whipped cream out on the market, you’ll want to rely on nangs to get the job well done. 

Nangs are also commonly known as cream whippers and cream chargers. They’re essentially metal cylinders that take advantage of the nitrous oxide gas to produce the freshest whipped cream possible. That’s why you can commonly find them in Australia’s top kitchens used by the most experienced chefs. They can no doubt make room for themselves at your home kitchen or event too, and they’re sure to please the taste buds of anyone who experiences them.

Here at Mr. Nang, we specialize in delivering the highest quality nangs to your doorstep across the greater Melbourne metropolitan area. We source the best brands, ranging from FreshWhip and iSi to SupremeWhip and Whip-It. 

No matter what your purpose for them is, we make sure that your customer experience is maximized to the fullest extent. On top of the quality of the nangs themselves, our deliverers pride themselves on the speed in which they deliver at. For all your orders, you can expect them to show up at your doorstep in as little as twenty short minutes and at most in one hour. 

On the off chance that any nang packages do show up after an hour, we’ll make sure to give you a free 10-pack of any nang brand of your choice to make up for the delay. As you can see, we prioritize your satisfaction and not about the number of nangs that we sell. It’s in our best interest to help everyone experience the convenience that nangs can offer. 

When we first tried them out ourselves, we couldn’t believe how delicious the whipped cream was. It was simply unlike any mechanically dispensed whipped cream that we’ve tried before. Instead of needing to wait for the cream to cool down, the nang dispenser helps you enjoy the sweet treat right away straight out of the can.

How Do I Use a Nang?

When you receive one of our nang packages, you’ll find that these cream chargers are essentially little compressed gas canisters of nitrous oxide. When this nitrous oxide gas is poured onto the cream, it reacts with the fat lipids and other modifiers to create a rich froth of a latter, which is then used to create the whipped cream that you know and love. 

As opposed to hand whipping the cream, which no doubt takes up a lot of time and energy, a nang will be that convenient solution that you need to enjoy instant whipped cream.

Naturally, you’ll find that our cream chargers are only effective when used with a dispenser. Once you receive that package, open up the dispensers and pour in the ingredients you want to whip. Then, place the top back on and tighten it up. 

Finally, you’ll want to insert the cream charger into the charger socket on the dispenser and then slowly release the gas. This allows the gas to have ample time to interact with the ingredients and work its magic. Within seconds of doing this, you’ll then have whipped cream that’s ready to be eaten and enjoyed.

What’s the Quantity of Cream Charger I Need?

That’s a great question! You can’t exactly have too much whipped cream, right? 

Well, the general quantity of cream charger you’ll need is essentially based upon the length of your dispenser and how much cream you want to be whipped. 

As a rule of thumb, you can anticipate creating about four to seven times the quantity of water you pour into the dispenser.

Regardless of how much whipped cream you choose to purchase, each of the cream charger brands we house is guaranteed to contain 8 grams of nitrous oxide. It’s the standard amount that complies with all safety regulations so that you’re never in a dangerous situation.

Once you’ve enjoyed your delicious, whipped cream and you’re done with your canister, you can either reuse your 100% metal steel container or recycle it. 

Feel free to discard it within the same bin that you would use for other steel recycled products such as tins, cans, and other goods. It’s a great way to help the environment while enjoying the benefits of it at the same time.

What Can I Use a Whipped Cream Canister For?

The uses of a whipped cream canister are only limited to the bounds of your imagination. You could use them to bake at home or just to siphon cream into your mouth as a light snack. If you run a business instead, you could use a nang canister to help you save time when baking pastries, preparing hot drinks, mixing in smoothies, and more. 

If you frequent restaurants and nightclubs as well, a whipped cream canister can help you sweeten up any meal or beverage to add a bit of taste. In general, whipped cream is one of the best dessert and drink garnishes that you can find anywhere.

You can top it on your lattes and frappuccinos and transform it onto foams, infusions, coatings, and even fillings. If you want to add more volume to your meals as well, the frothiness of the whipped cream can get the job well done. 

What’s great about whipped cream from a nang is that it can stay fresh for long periods of time. If you only need the cream once in a while, you never have to worry about your nangs going bad.

What Are Cream Chargers in Melbourne Popular For?

Apart from its most popular usage in adding sweetness to the top of most beverages, cream chargers also serve a variety of purposes in Melbourne. 

An upcoming trend that is increasingly gaining popularity is the act of using cream chargers to infuse liquor with various flavors such as strawberry and mint. 

The taste of the infused cream chargers helps to break through the bad taste of alcohol, making liquor overall easier to drink. It’s a great way to help acclimate more people to alcohol and try out different flavors for an immediate result. 

That’s why nang deliveries have especially rocketed in recent years in Australia. Now, the norm is that people can order nangs nearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and have the products at their doorsteps almost instantaneously. 

It’s become the most convenient solution that any event goer has discovered to make their event just a bit more fun.

Where Can I Buy a Nang in Melbourne?

Now that you know all the versatile uses of nangs, perhaps you’re ready to try the delicious, whipped cream for yourself. If you’re looking to buy your very first pack, then look no further than Mr. Nang. We’re one of the most trusted nang deliverers in Melbourne, having satisfied the taste buds of customers all across the metropolitan area for years. 

Not only do we source our nangs from the most popular brands, including SupremeWhip and iSi, but we also hold our deliverers to an extremely high standard. As soon as you place your order, we’ll make sure to deliver your nangs to your doorstep in as little as 20 short minutes and as long as an hour. 

If we ever do exceed that time limit, you can be sure to receive a free 10-pack of nangs on us to make up for the delay. To make your event even sweeter, we also carry event supplies such as balloons and other fun items to reduce the number of trips you have to take to the stores.

If you’re ready to enjoy a transformative whipped cream experience, then don’t hesitate to contact us and place an order today! We can’t wait to get your nangs over to you in an instant.

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