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What Is A Whipped Cream Charger?

Whether you enjoy cooking as your hobby of choice, you do it as a profession or you just get into the kitchen once in a while, this information is valuable for you. Who does not love to save time when making some food, snacks, desserts or drinks? In this article we will talk about one of the greatest creations of all times when it comes to kitchen appliances: the whipped cream charger. With a lot of remarkable benefits, this little device has become the new favourite kitchen tool of young and adults all over the world, regardless of their likes and preferences as everyone can get benefits from nangs, as they are also called. 

It is definitely part of our nature as human beings striving to make things easier and better, so we all love to find better ways to carry out our daily activities, and cooking is not an exception to this fact. If the term cream charger or nang sounds new to you, keep reading and get to know its principal features.

The novel whipped charger compared to the traditional mixture

Whether you like to eat cake, coffee, sauces, purees, cocktails, ice cream or other desserts, you might agree that all of these options taste much better with the perfect body and texture, which can be achieved with the aid of a nang. In this regard, it is important to keep in mind that besides whipped cream, nangs can be used to infuse other preparations, adding a heavenly touch of fluffiness and flavour to your recipes. Maybe you can recall the old-fashioned way of making whipped cream, which required a bulky mixer device (usually powered by electricity) for its creation, and the dairy product to make the mixture. 

However, thanks to the introduction of whipped cream chargers this activity has changed drastically, giving people more access to prepare their foods anywhere, with the extra benefit of saving time and effort. Another advantage offered by the new nangs is that you can use only what you need, while the traditional way to make whipped cream required people to either use all of the product made in a short period, or dispose of it, due to the features of the dairy product that must be consumed right away. Thanks to the action of the nitrous oxide contained in the canisters, the fats of the product are displaced, preventing the product from getting spoiled.

How expensive are whipped cream chargers

If you are one of those people who does not allow themselves to enjoy your favourite dishes, enhanced by a good portion of whipped cream, simply because you believe that it is an expensive treat to afford, you need to rethink about it and read this good news. As surprising as this may sound, with the new available options in the market, now you can enjoy the best brands of nangs at a very affordable price, as cheap as $1 per charger, when you order the package with the flavour of your choice. Some of the most popular brands include BestWhip, SupremeWhip, FreshWhip, Whip-it, iSi Professional, and at this moment you can find all of the top nang brands in Melbourne, offered by Mr.Nang at the most competitive prices in the Melbourne area.

Besides having the best products on stock ready for you, the experts from Mr.Nang offer some great bundle options that allow you to save even more money. It is true that some suppliers in Melbourne may try to make as many sales as possible to increase their profits. but Mr.Nang is making the difference by placing your satisfaction as their top priority. This supplier has stood out from the crowd thanks to their focus on delivering excellent products, at a convenient price and providing them in a matter of minutes.

What to keep in mind when purchasing whipped cream chargers

Just like it happens with many modern kitchen appliances, you have to keep some measures in mind when using your whipped cream chargers at home, in order to ensure your safety and prevent any accidents. In this respect, it is important to know that this product can explode if there is any harmful impact on its surface, so avoid trying to break the seal. Instead, you should only use it with the appropriate equipment. Remember that storing your nang in the fridge allows it to last for a maximum of two weeks, but you shouldn’t exceed this time when consuming your whipped cream. This extra time to eat your product is possible thanks to the nitrous oxide, which prevents the presence of bacteria in your cream.

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