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What Are Nangs? A Brief Look Into The Products

If you are a big fan of pastries and sweets, you surely love to add the delightful, creamy touch that a high-quality whipped cream can give to your drinks, cakes and a wide variety of desserts. Not only can you enjoy a heavenly milky bonus in all of your recipes but now, you also have the chance to incorporate all kinds of flavours you like, from mint to strawberry and mango, thanks to the introduction of whipped cream chargers, also known as nangs. Time ago, it was necessary to buy the flavouring or scent separately and add it in the middle of the mixture preparation, however nangs come with the flavour already included, making your life easier and more delicious. 

If this information sounds interesting to you and you want to learn more, you are in luck! In this article we will provide you with everything you need to know about these amazing culinary items, that people all over the world love and we can’t get enough from. So keep on reading and prepare to discover more interesting and important facts about your favourite whipped cream chargers.

Nangs are versatile

Although the last thing that comes to your mind when you hear nitrous oxide (N2O) is food, this component is super helpful when it comes to achieving the desired consistency and fluffy volume in your whipped cream, and even enhances all kinds of dishes. So, don’t limit yourself to using nangs exclusively for desserts as you are free to expand your menu. From an exotic hot sauce to exquisite fruity mousses, and beverages infused with a touch of alcohol. If you feel like food has started to become boring and plain in your kitchen, then most likely it is just the perfect time to incorporate the use of these versatile tools. While the internet is flooded with hundreds of recipes, you can as well experiment on your own and become an innovative cook. 

You can even make delicious dressings and homemade carbonated drinks with the aid of a whipped cream charger, surprising your loved ones with a creative drink. Your friends and family are going to love trying all your preparations when you start using a cream charger, especially if you try the best nang brands available in Melbourne, offered by the experts at Mr. Nang.

Nangs are environmentally friendly

When you make a purchase for your preferred whipped cream chargers, you will find them typically in two presentations, and this is the same regardless of the brand that you choose because all of them are manufactured in a standard size. Now, one of the greatest things about using these products is that you don’t have to throw them in a regular garbage bin, since you can take them to the nearest recycling establishment to be disposed of in an appropriate way.

The question here is, do we really need another reason to prefer recyclable products over regular ones? As you already know, whipped cream canisters are made out of recyclable steel, and there are plenty of benefits that come with the recycling of scrap metal. Such benefits have a real impact from an economic point of view, and what is even more important is that it is environmentally convenient. The advantages of making a correct treatment of the used materials becomes more important when it comes to steel, as this is the most widely used metal in most industries and the most recycled. Meaning that when you make your purchase or whipped cream charger canister, you are actually picking a very eco-friendly alternative that will most likely be used again in the future.

Nangs help you save time and effort

Among many technological developments, one that stands out in the world of cooking and bar-tendering is the introduction of nangs, as these came to revolutionise the way many preparations are done, representing a real deal and a convenient option for a number of commercial establishments, including restaurants, bakeries and cafes in every corner of the world. In past times, the only way to make the popular whipped cream was with a mixer device and some materials, plus an additional colour or flavouring agent. This task, besides being a bit demanding in terms of time and physical effort, required to have the proper equipment, which most of the time is bulky, and some models are quite tricky to wash as well.

Nangs simply use nitrous oxide in a pressurised presentation in order to add gas to the cream, but depending on what you use it for, you can also mix the compressed gas with the substance of your preference (oil, syrup, drink) and produce an amazing foam-like texture, giving a lot of body to your dishes, that might not be achieved otherwise. As you can see, whipped cream chargers are really simple and fast to use, after all, if the culinary industry has benefited greatly from its use, why not give it a go in your kitchen?

With nangs, you only use what you need

Time ago, it could be frustrating to make your recipes in the traditional way because it could represent a waste of money. In case that you wanted to make a recipe which used only a small quality of whipped cream, or for any reason didn’t need to use all of it at once, you would end up with a lot of leftover mixture, and such food may go to waste if no one ate it within a very short period. But now, thanks to the mechanism employed by the nangs, which does not involve exposing the cream to the air, you can keep the whipped cream in good condition and use it in future events.

Nangs as an affordable option to enhance your preparations

Although delighting yourself with a heavenly touch of whipped cream often feels like a luxurious experience, the price tag is often not luxurious at all. Actually, implementing the use of your favourite nangs in the kitchen is one of the most affordable ways to improve your food. In fact, with the regular use of a whipped cream charger you will master a lot of delicious recipes in no time, taking your ability in the kitchen to the next level. Whether you are an occasional cook or you are in charge of the meals on a regular basis, it is always nice to enjoy pleasant flavours with your food. While cooking can have a lot of benefits for your mental health and your pocket, now you can make this activity even more enjoyable by adopting the use of a nang in your kitchen, and what is best, without having to spend a lot of money.

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