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Wholesale Cream Chargers

Mr. Nang is Melbourne’s leading retailer and wholesaler of cream chargers and cream dispensers.  Mr. Nang has the largest distribution network in Melbourne. We can supply you with as much stock as you need, frequently & professionally with free collection directly from our factory.

Mr. Nang is able to provide wholesale prices for all small gas cylinders we sell on our website (trade quantity required). Here at Mr. Nang, we buy directly from the manufacturers and are able to offer you the best price for your favourite cream chargers.

We stock the highest quality Professional Series nitrous oxide whipped cream chargers/nangs that are manufactured and certified 100% pure nitrous oxide (N2O). Whipped Cream Chargers are manufactured to compliance standards & certifications: ISO 9001, 9002, & 14001. Compliance with CE & TÜV.

About Whipped Cream Chargers Brands

BestWhip from the United States
SupremeWhip from Australia
FreshWhip from the Netherlands

iSi from Austria

Although there are dozens of nang brands in Australia, there are only four manufacturers in the world. Brands such as Whip-It! Cream Charger and Bestwhip Cream Charger were conceived in the United States, but were manufactured by Liss and Mosa using the same gas and steel respectively. The only difference is the artwork on the packaging.

At Mr. Nang, we buy directly from the manufacturer and can provide the best price for your favorite whipped cream charger. Recently there are some cream chargers from unknown origins have entered Australia. These manufacturers are very new and have only produced small gas cylinders for about two years. Mr. Nang does not recommend using small gas cylinders from unknown sources.

We will respond quickly to your wholesale requests. If you like, you can send us an email via Contact Us or send us a message via WhatsApp Us.

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