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SupremeWhip Cream Charger


SupremeWhip cream chargers are the epitome of quality, produced by a top Australian company adhering to the highest standards: CE & ISO9001; TÜV. These chargers boast ultra-pure Professional Grade Gas, ensuring the freshest cream every time.

Renowned in the whipped cream products sector, SupremeWhip is synonymous with excellence. Their premium N20 cream chargers and whipped cream dispensers are highly regarded for their exceptional quality, all offered at affordable prices. SupremeWhip has cemented its reputation as a trusted and dependable brand.

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SupremeWhip Cream Chargers come from a leading Australian manufacturer that ensures ultra-pure whipped cream with every order. Beyond producing the high-quality ingredients alone, they also put extra care into the nang container by filling it with Professional Grade N20 gas for the freshest cream yet!
  • Filled with 8.2g of ultra-pure Professional Grade Nitrous Oxide N20 gas, which is the strongest gas available on the market.
  • The nang container comes with a new zinc chrome coating which maintains its silver finish all throughout. Unlike mechanical whipping containers, you won’t have to worry about kitchen moisture rusting your nang.
  • Hand-packed to maintain top of the line quality control.
  • Manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory with over 60 decades of experience.
  • Packed with new proprietary cleaning technology to prevent those oily residues or industrial aftertastes.
  • Made of durable steel that’s rust-proof and 100% recyclable.
  • A standard 8g fitting that makes it universally easy to install.
  • Manufacturers compliance standards & certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO ISO 14001, CE, FDA. Compliance with TUV, NSF, and HACCP.

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